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"'The Nuts and Bolts of Travel Team Baseball' is not only a must for managers starting a team, but for managers, coaches and parents that currently contribute to a team. This info will change how you currently organize and coach your team. The articles are not only interesting but derived from real life experiences.

I've coached in Travel Ball for the last five years and our team has had success winning four consecutive World Championships, however I just wish this info would have been available to me years ago. I would have definitely done things differently resulting in being better prepared for coaching, organizing a team, parental support and having a much more enjoyable experience of running a team. I appreciate the US Baseball Network for putting this publication together and I know all the coaches and parents will enjoy the information as much as I did."

Rick Perreault, Manager
Tucson Wildcats 1999-2004
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Listed alphabetically
• Building A Strong Parent Base
• Developing Attitude – Leading by Example
• Pitching – Advice for New Coaches
• Pitching – An In Depth Look
• Planning Your Travel Team Calendar
• Recruiting – Doing it Right
• Sportsmanship – A Face in the Crowd Speaks
• Tips for Building a National Powerhouse
• What’s Next? Building a Great Team Website (Two Parts)
• Where Do I Begin? - Basic Q & A
• Why Do You Want to Have a Travel Team? – Some Considerations
• Your Reputation - Both On and Off the Field

You'll also find practical advice on
• Understanding non-profit and tax exempt status
• Holding Tryouts
• Fundraising Ideas
• Selecting the Right Tournaments
• Financing a Travel Team
• Pitching Guidelines

Listen to what others are saying . . .

"Excellent job. You have encapsulated a wealth of valuable information for both coaches and parents. Your easy-to-follow format will save coaches a tremendous amount of time avoiding the old trial and error approach."

Jeff Forney
Triple Threat Inc
Baseball Player University

"Having been involved with youth baseball for the past seven years and with travel baseball for the past two years, I found "The Nuts and Bolts of Travel Team Baseball" to be extremely helpful and incredibly insightful.

Although I am not starting a new team, there is still a lot of practical information contained in these pages. I highly recommend it as a must read for both new managers and existing managers."

Jim Scannell
Arcadia All Stars

"The information shared in this book confirms many of the things we have experienced and have consciously tried to do right as a travel team. There are so many wonders associated with baseball at this level. We as a baseball community need to improve the worst and continue the best of Club/Travel baseball. I believe your book is a great start to achieve that.

I have been in medicine for nearly 15 years. I have chaired certification boards and qualification review committees. Given the fact that there is no minimum requirement or experience needed to put together a Club/Travel team, your book provides an accurate baseline for those attempting the endeavor and foresight to those currently involved.

You have a winner here, a home run! I plan to recommend this book to everyone associated with baseball period."

Ket Talley
Wacker Baseball Academy






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