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What's the difference between the Members Dugout and the Bulletin Board?

The Members Dugout is a subscription-based membership that gives subscribers access to all the information in the right menu (team listings, coaches phone numbers and e-mails, tournaments, etc.), whereas the Bulletin Board is the place where you may post or read posts for/by players and teams (tryouts, scrimmages wanted, etc.).

To find out more about the Members Dugout - click here
To find out more about the Bulletin Board - click here

IMPORTANT: The Members Dugout account and the Bulletin Board account are NOT the same. AZBN sets up the Members Dugout account, while the user (you) sets up his or her Bulletin Board account.

DON'T FOGET THIS ESSENTIAL STEP: Before you can log in for posting, you must first enter the BB by using the generic username and password. The generic username and password allows you to view the content of the BB. Once you are in, then you may either register (first time users) or log in (repeat users) using the link in the top right corner. This will give you posting privileges.

I've lost my Members Dugout subscription password. How do I retrieve it?

Send an e-mail to AZBN and provide the following:
1. Name of the person who purchased the subscription.
2. PayPal receipt number.
3. Month and year you purchased the membership.
4. Username (if you know it)

AZBN E-mail

I joined the Members Dugout but never received the account info. How can I get it?

It can take up to 72 hours from the time you join to set up your account and have it e-mailed to you. Normally, the account is created much more quickly than that. Note: It is important that you check your e-mail's 'Junk Mail' folder. If you still can't locate it, follow the procedure laid out in the paragraph above. There are also times in which firewalls may block e-mails. Be sure that you can receive e-mails from AZBN.

I've lost my Bulletin Board password. How do I retrieve it?

We do not keep usernames and passwords for the Bulletin Board. That is an account you set up yourself. For those needing to retrieve this information, you may click here.

I would like to get my son involved in travel team baseball. What is the process?

With regards to AZBN, you have two options:

1. Use the AZBN Bulletin Board. It's free and allows you to view what teams are looking for players as well as it gives you the ability to post your own son's availability online. To find out more info, click here Bulletin Board Info

2. Join the AZBN Members Dugout. This would give you access to the teams in your area, including the coach's name, e-mail address and phone numbers so you could contact a coach and speak with him personally. To find out more info, click here Members Dugout Info


I'm thinking about starting a team myself. What help is available?

AZBN recommends you start with the USBN publication, "The Nuts and Bolts of Travel Team Baseball." You can read about what others are saying about it at this link - Nuts and Bolts Info

How do I list my team in the Travel Team Directory?

You may list your team for free at this link - Travel Team Directory

Note: It is important that you let us know if and when there are any updates to your team's info (e.g., coaching change, name change, disbanding, etc.)


How do I list an upcoming Camp or Clinic on AZBN?

You may list your camp or clinic for free at this link - Camp/Clinic Posting Request

Note: It is important that you let us know if and when there are any updates to your event.

How do I list an upcoming Tournament on AZBN?

You may list your tournament for free at this link - Tournament Posting Request

Note: It is important that you let us know if and when there are any updates to your event.

I want to post something on AZBN's Word on the Street. How I do that?

Word on the Street info is posted as soon as we receive it. All the necessary posting guidelines info can be found at this link - Word on the Street Posting

Does AZBN put on any tournaments?

In an effort to stay 'neutral' and support all tournament organizations, AZBN has refrained from putting on any events.

How do I get my son's action shot submitted as a Photo of the Week on AZBN?

AZBN enjoys receiving action shots of players. Requirements for the photo are as follows:

1. Required minimum dpi - 72 dpi
2. Required minimum size - at least 400 pixels wide

Try to provide a photo that has clarity and sharpness. AZBN does it own color correction in preparation for the site.

A new photo is posted once a week (Mondays). Note that we try to avoid repeating the same type of action shots two weeks in a row. Please be patient as we will post all photos as we have opportunity. Also note that your son's photo may appear on TXBN and/or FLBN.

Click here to send a photo to AZBN


I want to place a banner ad on AZBN's front page for an upcoming event. How do I go about getting the necessary info?

AZBN welcomes all inquiries. We have posting options to fit most budgets. Contact us directly and provide as much info as possible - E-mail AZBN

Who does the artwork for the banner?

AZBN can do this, or if you like you may submit own artwork.

How do I get advertising information for AZBN?

AZBN welcomes all advertising inquiries. Advertising options can be accessed via this link - Advertising on AZBN

Note: Web stat reports can be provided at your request.


How do I contact AZBN via e-mail?

Click here - AZBN E-mail

How do I contact AZBN via regular mail?

Arizona Baseball Network
PO Box 2194
Gilbert, AZ 85299








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