Photo of the Week Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting a baseball action image for the Arizona Baseball Network's Photo of the Week. AZBN normally posts a new image every Monday morning on its front page. Fans who have an image they'd like to have considered are encouraged to send them at any time. Note a couple of new guidelines:

• When submitting an image, make sure that it is not copyrighted by another photographer. If it is, make sure that you have permission to submit the image for our posting. Being a photographer myself, I am aware of the challenges with this and understand that the posting of an image one captures is an honor, especially when it's your son who is caught in such a great pose. That said, AZBN wants to honor the actual ownership of an image. Note that with images we do not credit the owner or submitter of the image.

• Specs for images (for those who desire to present a finished product) are as follows:

Format: .jpg (jpeg)
Resolution: 72 dpi
Dimensions: A minimum of 500 pixels wide (height is not an issue)

• Please do not send smaller photos as they do not blow up well nor do they present a nice clarity that we prefer. Actually, we would prefer the larger original photo if you are able to send it. We'll be happy to do the cropping and tonal correction prep for the site.

• Please refrain from sending images that have been substantially modified (digital art) (e.g., over saturation, blurred elements, graphics added, etc.). We prefer that the shot be preserved if at all possible in its original unmodified format.

Thank you for taking a moment to read over these guidelines. Now, it's time to submit that really cool image. You may send it to AZBN via this e-mail address.

Click Here to Submit a Photo

Thank you,
Rick Furmanek





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